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Tips to Attract, Manage, and Retain Software Developers

In order to make the company attractive to software developers, there are mechanisms that have been developing for years, to which it’s sufficient to apply several rules specific to IT engineers.

It should be noted that:

  1. Programmers don’t care what the job announcement looks like.
  2. Programmers don’t care about the photos of the office.
  3. Programmers don’t care about social networks.

Entering the market, a good programmer meets dozens of vacancies from “dream companies” and promising startups. In an attempt to profitably stand out against their background, many try to make the position description as informal as possible. Something like: “Hey, we’re cool, we have coffee and cookies, throw everything and go to us if you code in Java” – and naturally receive feedback from those who know the language at the level of “learning tutorials.”

Theoretically, there are two reasons for these overly generalized ads:

  • the hiring manager doesn’t yet know who he needs, and hopes that when he meets the right candidate, “he will understand this right away”;
  • the vacancy is so complicated that the recruiter tries to maximally expand the search funnel so that the desired candidate gets there at least randomly.

The more specific you describe the tasks and responsibilities, the sooner there will be a person really interested and competent in this, and not ready to perform any work on a mediocre level.

It is necessary to accurately describe what the engineer will have to do all the next year, what tools he will use, what difficulties await him and why not everyone can cope with this role.

The most elaborate job description can also help to activate that part of potential applicants who are not only in active search, but also in passive – in other words, not registered with LinkedIn or even Facebook. If you publish a message that you need a programmer, people on your network see the ad and don’t remember anyone specific. If you write that you need a Java programmer who has studied in a certain institution and knows German perfectly, there is a high probability that some of these characteristics will converge in one portrait.

So what do developers need?

  1. Programmers like to solve technically complex tasks.
  2. Programmers like to work with very smart people.
  3. Programmers like to look very smart.
  4. Programmers like to do open-source projects.

In order to attract a good specialist, you need to fulfill several points:

  1. Tell stories of your success.
  2. Make your employees leaders of opinions.
  3. Invite a candidate to your office.
  4. Show your internal culture.

At first glance, these are rather ordinary and ordinary advice, but they will help you to locate the specialists.


Igor Grigorenko

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