The Ultimate Front-End Developer’s Guide to Photoshop

Every day we can see thousands of different photos changed with the help of Photoshop. The have some new details or the colors have changed. In fact, we understand that this program could crucially change every imagine. However, if you want to change one, you should know how the Photoshop works. Without this knowledge you won`t be able to create good photos.

Sometimes it`s hard to find normal Photoshop guide. People want to have income from this information, so they could create the files and block it. If you want to get them (files), you must pay for it. Videos in YouTube are very long and sometimes it`s hard to watch all of them. So let us give you an ultimate guide to Photoshop.

First, you should know how to set up units. It will be the first step in our guide. All units must be set up before you start working with the files. In the program, you should find the section “preferences”. Then click to the spot “units and rules”. This command will change all units to pixels. Use the combination on your keyboard: Ctrl + R. it will open the ruler. Click on it and change the units.

Second, you must have a good navigation through the program. The Photoshop is a huge program with millions of functions, tools and features. Nevertheless, for the first time you should know the basic things to work with simple projects.

Layers. This panel gives you an ability to delete, remove or add the layers.

Info. If we open this window, we will see all information about the object that we selected.

History. Very useful tool. With its help, we are able to go back to any action that we have done earlier. If you are only starting your work in Photoshop, history will help you to understand all moves and clicks inside the program.

Character. A panel, which has an information about the text layer that you have selected.

Notes. If you have a notepad version of the program, you are able to note all needed information in one section.

Third, you should know more about the colors. You can use different ways to pick a color for your current project. The best way is to use the Eyedropper Tool. You just need to select any element and right click on it. Then select “Copy color`s hex code”.

That`s all you should do to pick a colour for your project. So simple. You can try it now.

A few more words about layers. You can use the search panel to find the correct layer for you and use it on the project. This tool is very useful while working in the program.


Igor Grigorenko

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