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Offshore software development services: Filter through the options at your convenience without recruiters

Imagine if you had access to a huge database, covering almost every software development skill sets in existence, across (but not limited to): Mobile Development; Web Development; Back-End Development; Platform Development; and  DBMS/API Development. Are they freelancers? Whose profiles are accessible through the YouTeam Platform?

In the interest of minimising capital outlay, tech startup founders, agencies and SMEs typically prefer to build their own digital products with the help of freelancers or an offshore outsourcing software development company. However, even the best freelancers available are often slow in response and tend to break deadlines multiple times.

Outsourcing companies, on the other hand, can deliver exceptional quality but it isn’t likely that they will have engineers with the exact skills you require as readily available as the network of companies which form YouTeam. With this in mind, we at YouTeam help tech companies engage suitably qualified, full-time employed engineers, none of whom are freelancers. You can rest assured with the fact that we:

  • Do not source junior-level engineers;
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence before adding a new vendor to our vetted talent pool;
  • Pay a lot of attention to relevant previous experience of the development team in terms of similar architecture and/or similar industries i.e. CRM, eCommerce, RTLS, ERP, PSP, etc.

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How and why does YouTeam access the information on engineers’ availability?

A question asked by many…

We have made contacts with a wide range of outsourcing software development companies. They see this as a really effective marketing channel for the software developers they have available within their teams which are underloaded.

For a full list of the skills available check our Skills Directory.

Which companies are involved in YouTeam’s collective? YouTeam has established a curated network of 130+ highly specialised engineering studios across continental Europe, which enables us to assemble a cross-functional team with the skills and expertise required on your project within 24 hours. Here is also a list of some of the top companies, supplying software development outsourcing services through the YouTeam platform.

In very simplistic terms, YouTeam is an HR recruitment platform for Software Developers. Below is a list of the traditional options for companies to consider when purchasing some software development resources (or offshore software development services).

What legacy recruitment models does YouTeam replace?

1. Outsourcing.

A generic term describing the engagement of technical staff from outside of the client’s organisation, either from other companies from within the same country OR from anywhere else around the world. It typically makes sense to outsource to lower cost geographies like:

  • Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Russia;
  • Southeast Asia – Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia;
  • Subcontinent Asia – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; and
  • South America – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Perú etc.

In most cases, clients will sign outsourcing contracts for medium to large lump sums for longer periods of time.

2. Nearshore Outsourcing.

Most of the vendor organisations who have their developers listed on the YouTeam platform are from Eastern Europe. Although there are plans to expand quite aggressively into other markets in order to provide a diversity of options.

The Post-Soviet countries of Eastern Europe are often referred to as Nearshore Outsourcing geographies because they are very close to Western Europe. Nearshore geographies can be a little more expensive than their less developed counterparts, however, they often offer the right price/quality/reliability/mentality attributes that Western European, Australian & American businesses are most comfortable with.

3. Outstaffing.

Opening up R&D offers in offshore locations OR getting someone else to provide both the developers and also a dedicated room or office to accommodate them. In some cases, project managers/operations managers are also offered as part of a more comprehensive solution. It is often the best solution for confidential or commercially sensitive projects for i.e. Financial Services, Banking, Government, Engineering or Defence Operations etc.

This was a popular model which has been applied successfully in Post Soviet world (which is why most clients from Western countries even are not familiar with this term although use this model in practice). Most of the world has forgotten about this model for a while, even though it became to be a very attractive option, recently.

4. Team Extension Model.

This is a model where the project leadership and core development team is located onshore, in locations like London, Zurich, San Francisco, Sydney etc who then recruit staff from cheaper locations like: Lviv, Kyiv, Minsk and Bucharest. These staff are most commonly managed by large outsourcing companies of > 600 developers.

5. Freelancing.

Sometimes used by large corporations, they will occasionally have a pool of freelancers they trust. This is because Freelancers sourced through online portals don’t offer the consistency or reliability need for the business world.

6. Platform Outsourcing.

YouTeam, VenturePact, Toptal, Gigster and UpWork are all examples of platforms you can use to hire software developers.

The first two allow for the ability to hire full-time employed software engineers in remote locations. The latter three provide access to large pools of freelancers of varying qualities.

What are the benefits of recruitment platforms when it’s time to bring your new team members on board?

Some of the key benefits of collaborating with developers sourced through YouTeam include:

  1. Speed of team assembly.
  2. Relevance of developer experience specifically to your individualised project needs.
  3. Ability to start small. The minimum engagement is one-full time software developer for one calendar month.
  4. Ability to ramp up and down as your resource requirements change over the course of time.
  5. Having the protection of code and payment escrow to protect the client against having to pay for underperformance.

Platforms can be used as an excellent strategy to hire software developers without risking product success. It is worth noting that YouTeam embraces the all of the outsourcing models listed above, except Freelancing model.

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