how to negotiate a contract

Rules for Negotiating Work Contacts

If you are a freelancer or you want to work like this, our article could be very interesting for you.

When you are only start working (writing texts, creating web pages, working with photos), you must know that one of the key points is a normal contact with an employer. You must do everything according to the standards to avoid problems in future. If you are a young person and you get the opportunity of working as a freelancer, you must follow these rules to be successful in the future. You must know how to negotiate contracts.

  • Communicate carefully and restrain your emotions. You are not in the office and you can`t see your boss. However, you must understand that he is on the higher position than you are. It means that you should speak to him as if he is the company director. He could be dissatisfied with your manner of speaking, so you could have problems.
  • You don`t need to win or lose. It`s just business. You must understand this point clearly. How to negotiate a contract job offer? It`s not so hard. Both sides must be happy and get the needed result. You need to do the job, they need to get this job and pay you. You shouldn`t perceive like a competition.
  • Listen carefully. You can lose the main idea of employer`s words. He could tell you something interesting, and part of these words could be important for you (a new order or recommendations for the future). It is the part of negotiation contract that everyone always forget.
  • Don`t hurry. It`s your job and you earn money doing it. Check it for a few times. make sure that everything is correct. Here is one simple thing – if you will make mistakes too often, it may end bad for you. You can easily lose your job and have a bad review from the employer.
  • Don`t afraid of speaking with your boss. Sometimes people can`t make a normal dialog with their employers. They think that everything will go wrong and they fail. However, you shouldn`t quit so fast. You can practice with your friends or relatives. Then, after a few attempts, you will have the confidence. It`s the key for a good conversation with a person like employer. You must show that you are ready to work with serious project.

Here are basic points for good negotiation. With them, you will be able to work on the highest level. Every time people hear a word “employer” or “boss”, they thought that it is a big scary man who will destroy you during the conversation. Don`t let it happen.


Igor Grigorenko

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