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Real-Time Collaboration Tools for Better Business

Today people try to make cooperation easy. We know that in some cases it`s hard to set up normal communication between workers from different cities or even different countries. Twenty years ago it was impossible to make live conferences with people who weren`t at the office in that moment. Or we couldn`t phone our boss and tell him any important information. That was horrible because we need to waste a lot of time to send this information from one point to another.

Now everything changed. We can cooperate with hundreds of people at the same time and have no problems with connection. There are many services, which could help us and in this article, we will describe them.


This tool is necessary for every businessman, who takes part in different online conversation and conferences. You can have a list of contacts and call every member when you need this. The video call is also available (if earlier it was possible only like a payable service, now you can do it free). There is also one good thing – you don`t need excellent Internet connection to have a audio or video call. Real time screen sharing is also available.

Recording tools and features

Such option is always in common between office workers, managers and diplomats. They record their conversations for different protocols or just for themselves. Its normal practice.

Chat line

Option was popular enough two or three years ago, but now it is still useful. Livewire chat line could help you to have a live conversation with other people. If you can`t use video chat, this option will be a great equivalent. Just print messages one after another and wait for the answer from your partner. That is how it works. Easy and simple.

File Transfers

No more paper letters. You can send every file to every person with the help of the Internet. Can you imagine modern business without such tool? We can`t.

Google Docs

Another application for sharing documents and files. Every person who has access to the file could change something in it. You don`t need to waste time to send the file to all conversation members. Just give them access to the file.

This is only a small part of all application, tools and features that we can use for business and deals. If you read the description of each tool, you will understand that all of them are simple in use and you can do a huge amount of work with them. Don`t waste time – go and get them now.


Igor Grigorenko

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