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Online Work Scams: 7 Red Flags to Save Time & Money

We know that many people are working online. They have official employment, fixed salary and normal graphic with days off. The difference is that they could work from home if it`s possible. At home, you can have comfortable workplace and no one can disturb you. That is very nice.

However, with time people are facing difficulties while looking for online work. Everyone who has basic knowledge in office programs or could work from home for eight hours a day will try to work this way. Employers understand it and make everything to have the best workers.

If you want to work online, you can`t just find information about how to ask for a freelance work.  You should be creative and make your boss sure, that you will be the right candidate. It`s very important.

You also must avoid some red flags that are common in this sphere. Now we will describe them one by one.

  • Non-answers about company and what they do. If you want to get the job, you must know what you will do on this job. You can`t be sure if they could give you an official employment and normal salary. Sometimes it turns out that it is just a swindler and he wants to use your skills free. Avoid such occasions.
  • “We will talk about payment methods later, right now we just need you to get started”. Typical phrase between employers when they are hiring people. You must know how much money you will get. It`s the main point. Get your money and only then think about how to ask for more work.
  • Unprofessional communication. You must have regular contact with your boss. Everything could happen: you could catch a cold or lose the Internet connection. Ask for some contacts (phone number, account in messenger) to speak with your boss.
  • Unassociated job offers. When you get many emails with job offer from unknown people, you should be careful with it. If it`s just a spam, delete all messages.
  • “You must buy software or other equipment from the company to get started.” If you will see such messages while offering for a job, get away from there. The normal employers could give you a small test to check your skills.
  • “You too can make money emailing”. Don`t accept such offers, because you will just spam accounts of other users.
  • “You can`t afford to turn down this job offer”. It sounds good, but you must understand that it is just an offer.

Here is the list of things that you should not do or accept while looking for online work.


Igor Grigorenko

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