April 2017 Product Update: New engineers’ profiles will be tested in San Francisco

We are super excited to announce the release of our extended developer profiles. You can now access the agency info and instantly view the project and industry experience of each engineer working for this agency! Selecting a new tech partner is becoming more transparent than ever before!

#1 Agency info

This section includes not only general expertise and tech stack of the particular agency but also how many engineers are available and how many projects have been completed so far. Together with the size of the company it allows you to quickly navigate to the relevant vendor depending on whether you want to source a small or medium agency with 10-50 or 50-100 employees respectively, or whether you are looking for a large software development company of 400+ staff to implement some complex solution.

Extended search results

From here you can submit a request to get introduced directly to the selected company or you can view a full profile of each specialist first – this is where the most exciting part starts.

#2 Engineer’s profile

Information previously hidden by outsourcing vendors is now available on our platform. But no worries, all the data is securely encrypted to protect our partners from headhunters and competitors. So you can now see a short overview of each engineer’s CV, including technical and soft skills, product experience and previous projects – all of what you need to decide which detailed CV you’d like to request for further consideration.  

Extended search results

Here at YouTeam, we want to optimise the outsourcing process as much as possible. Instead of taking 2 days, as per the traditional way, shortlisting only takes 15 mins on the YouTeam platform.

Nevertheless, we are still testing different ways how to further streamline the hiring process, based on feedback we receive from user testing sessions at tech conferences. At Web Summit, we learnt how to minimise the length of the hiring process of remote teams. At TechCrunch, we learnt which information matters for making hiring decisions.

This week we are at Launch Festival 2017 in San Francisco. We are arranging 30-min user sessions with tech startup founders in Silicon Valley to find out more about their software outsourcing pains and how we can help them tackle those. Please sign up here. If you want to participate in one of these sessions and we’ll get in touch with you!

2.2 Perfect team, Eastern Europe

Yuliana Oselska

Yuliana Oselska

Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a marketplace for hiring remote tech talent, backed by YC. Interested in Product Development and Multi-channel Analytics.

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