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.Net Development Outsourcing: Is This the Right Choice?

.Net development outsourcing is an excellent option for ensuring maximum efficiency and functionality of organizations, the main activity of which are information technologies. Efficiency is achieved through the transfer of one of the activities of the company, which doesn’t profile for the customer, another organization that specializes in this.

The advantage of IT-outsourcing in comparison with one employee is the availability of different specialists in the company, which makes it possible to solve the customer’s problems systematically, in contrast to patching holes and gradually bringing the technical infrastructure of the enterprise to mind.

Advantages and prospects of .Net development outsourcing are:

  • high-quality IT management, which results in lower costs and the fastest possible resolution of indirect problems;
  • lowering or excluding the expenditure of budget funds for the search for professionals with the relevant profile and technical education, saving on training and training, certification and licensing;
  • there’s no need to organize substitution and duplication in case of illness or weekend employees, pay for work and sick leave;
  • use of the company’s resources on the main tasks and profile purposes;
  • attracting highly qualified personnel for one-off core jobs and supporting the operation of networks and servers in an uninterrupted mode, thereby maintaining the necessary quality and necessary maintenance.

The minuses of net development outsourcing are:

  • lack of regulatory framework;
  • the contract concluded between the companies can be made illiterately and doesn’t always take into account the specific nature of the company’s activities;
  • the risk of disclosure of the trade secrets of the organization, since along with the transfer of information the company “connects” the outsourcer to the management of many functions and processes;
  • distortion of data;
  • non-transparency of payment for services of outsourcing companies;
  • the complexity of bringing the outsourcer to account for the violations committed;
  • it’s impossible to accurately predict the success of the company’s development, and, consequently, to determine the volume of the load;
  • the discrepancy between the quality of the services provided by the outsourcer to the customer;
  • the impossibility of operative decision making in the emergency or force major cases;
  • the novelty of outsourcing services and the immaturity of this market in general.

In addition, often outsourcing is a guaranteed failure for companies that haven’t yet established or developed business processes.

When concluding a contract for the provision of outsourcing services, it is necessary to carefully consider a number of important points: the definition of goals and objectives, a clear formalization of procedures and organizational regulations.

Also, you need to determine the criteria for assessing the results of work, they must be unambiguous.

Pay special attention to the division of responsibilities and limits of responsibility and don’t forget about the procedure for termination of contractual relations with outsourcers.

After analyzing the positive and negative aspects and taking into account your individual situation, you can determine whether .Net development outsourcing will be relevant to you.


Igor Grigorenko

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