Meaning of Vector Assets in Modern Web Development

Meaning of Vector Assets in Modern Web Development

People who are working a lot with different images often face problems while choosing right graphical format for it. However, it doesn`t matter what format we use. You can divide types of graphics to raster and vector format. Here we will discuss the vector format.

Vector graphic could bring us new opportunities and abilities. With them, we can give more variants for clients and customers (they often complain about small choice). If we are comparing vector to raster, the first difference is in size. Assets vector meaning takes less shape. We think that this is the better variant for the user.

Second difference is that in vector image is perfectly reproduced to maximum display capability.

The third aspect, which must be mentioned is vector`s interactivity. There is no static images here. Forget about it, it`s in the past. Now while clicking on the different elements of the image it could respond to every action.

Now we must say what graphic content should not be used in the vector graphics. You cannot work with every image here. Digital cameras take the most common pictures here. If you will try to reproduce them into a vector format, it could negatively effect on their quality. For example, these images have many details. If you reproduce them, some details could be damaged or even lost.

However, it doesn`t mean that you can`t use images from other formats. You just need to change the format to the most optimal. All details, colors and sizes will be saved. For example, you can save an image in the GIF or PGN format. It depends on your priority.

If you need to convert raster images into the vector images, it`s not a problem. The difficulty of vectorization an image into a needed format depends on the complexity of the input image. That`s the reason why you should put special attention to the designing stage. At this stage, you should prepare the vector assets. All images made at this stage will be saved as “designed” in PVG format. In case if you want to convert them into a raster format, it will be an easy process.

As you can see, the vector assets have a strong place in modern development. With them, it is easy for designers to work with images in different formats. There is no problem for young and unexperienced developers to make their first steps in with vector assets. The meaning of assets is the way bigger than you thought. Today developers are still interested in using it.


Igor Grigorenko

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