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IOS v s Android Mobile App Development: Which to Launch First and Who to Hire

Everyone has a moment when he or she need to buy a smartphone.  However, everything is not so easy. Each smartphone has its own software. The most popular are IOS and Android. Of course, each of them has its own pros and cons, so you must make a correct choice. Many people have different preferences, and each software is always in common between users. It the article we will describe mobile app development for IOS and Android and give some advices about hiring developers.

If we are comparing IOS and Android, we can mention that both of them have strong set of rules and standards, which must be followed while working with it or using it in devices. What can we say about Android? It has many different settings and functions. For example, you can choose the most comfortable screen size, OS version. You also have an ability to test all changes that you have made. It`s a big plus for the Android.


Everything that is associated with IOS could be used on IPhone, IPad and other gadgets provided by company Apple. They have created smart software with many abilities. However, some of them could not be used on Android. Some applications, which are free for one software, are paid for another. At this point, many users have big problems with their smartphones. An application, which is so important for them (to work with it or just to do something better), isn`t free. Even in this case user could change the operation system and, as a result – his or her gadget.

Developers to hire

This topic is also very problematic. Very often people don`t even know about mobile application developers, who they are and what they can do. Every day new users have problems with their smartphones, don`t know what to do and afraid that they can break something down.

If you don`t want to be like them, you should search in the Internet for special sites about developers. Good developers belong to the companies. It means that you will have a guarantee about your work. Everything will be done on time. Another question is about Android vs IOS developer salary. You need to choose the most optimal price. However, developer`s salary didn`t depend on the name of the software. It`s just a formality.

Here we have discussed the main points of IOS vs Android mobile development. Now you can see the key information and think about how to choose the better one.


Igor Grigorenko

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