Innovative mobile applications you would love to know about

What is mobile applications? It is a type of software created for smartphones and small devices. There are thousands of apps and all of them have different functions and predestinations: games, translators, energy savers, audio and video players etc. Creators are developing their applications trying to make it easier for users so that they could get more downloads.

Here we have some innovative mobile apps that you would love to know about:


Smart mobile application for IOS and Android created in August 2013. Today this app has over 13 million users around the world who could make conversations on 13 different languages. Messenger is safe from hacker`s attacks and is full anonymity.


Probably one of the most popular mobile apps created by American company VSCO. This photo editor is maybe the most known between people in the world. It is easy in using, has many different options for working with photos. Nevertheless, the main advantage is that this app is free. You just need to download it from the store. VSCO is available for Android and IOS.


Usable service for all mobile devices. Starting from 2014, millions of people are using this application to find song that they need. You just need to turn on the application and put the microphone closer to the source of the sound. Then wait for a few seconds and the program will show you the result. You could use it everywhere you want: in bar, café, at home. But the only condition for using this app is that the sound must be loud and clear. In other case, the program will show no result. Application is very popular between users of mobile devices but is also available for laptops and personal computers.


Strong service, which helps you to synchronize the content between your devices – phone, laptop, computer. If you will have new messages or alerts, they will be shown on each device. Your communications are connected so you do not need to work with them on every device – just bring your smartphone and you will get every note from your communications. Pushbullet can be used on IOS, Android, OC and OS X, so you could use it on your PC or Mac.


Igor Grigorenko

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