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Implementing Stripe in Ruby on Rails

You probably know a lot about Ruby on Rails. This framework is so popular between programmers and web designers. It is so smart and you could use it with different applications. Now it`s time for another collaboration. We will discuss the process of implementing Stripe in Ruby on Rails. First, we need to tell you what is stripe and what you can do with it.

Stripe is a technological company, which has special software. This software allows individuals and businesses to receive payments in the Internet. Stripe provides technical and fraud prevention. It also gives user a banking infrastructure to operate online payment system. The Stripe was found in 2011.

As we can see according to the users’ activity, Stripe is the best payment system behind PayPal. Stripe testing shows that it is like a nutshell and you don`t need to worry about your money. It is simple to use and to work with it. All developers who have worked with Stripe told that with it, you can have a lot of space for creating applications and, as a result – good experience in working with such programs.

If we are talking about implementing Stripe in Ruby on Rails, we can say that it is an easy operation. You don`t need to be a great developers to perform this process. There is a ready object-oriented and well-designed gem supporting Stripe with full documentation list and easy option of testing.  Stripe is also a good variant to begin your own startup. However, you must have a little experience of working in such programs to get a result you want.

Stripe is good. However, users often have a simple question: Stripe or PayPal? Later we told that in fact PayPal is better. And it`s a fact. This payment system has a list of advantages that Stripe cannot give. Let us show you one example to make sure that PayPal is better.

PayPal is very simple. If you didn`t use such programs before, it`s ok. Just download it and start making payments. With Stripe, you may have problems and difficulties. There are many details you that should understand well to use Stripe well. If you are a developer with great experience in this sphere, there is no doubt that Stripe will be better. Of course, for other users who need just to make payments, PayPal will be a good decision.

It`s your choice what to use. You should learn some information about both programs before choosing one. There are some aspects where Stripe is better, but PayPal also has some pros that it`s opponent don`t have.


Igor Grigorenko

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