How to make the most of software development in Ukraine?

We know that in most cases huge software developers are located in USA and partly in Europe. American workers have better technological support and financing. Good software, which could work well on every modern device, will be acceptable for all users.

However, Ukraine also has many talented people who are working with software development. They don`t have huge finances and the newest technologies, but they could also create great things in their offices.

More than you think

There are more than twenty-five software development companies in Ukraine. Even through the slow level of progress, the number of workers in each company is increasing. More than twenty thousands of people are working in IT sphere in Ukraine.

Higher and higher

Starting from 2015, software development companies are getting more and more income from international clients. Everyone see no risk in working with Ukrainian developers so they get more popularity. Main offices of each company are located in Kiev, but they also have their affiliated societies in more than fifteen countries of the world.

The most profitable companies are EPAM Systems, Ciklum, Infopulse Ukraine, Softserv Ukraine and Global Logic Ukraine with more than 1,5 billion hryvnas per year.

Best example

One of the best examples of the high level of the Ukrainian developers is IT company PNN. The main office is located in Kiev, but there are offices in France, Italy, Australia, Romania, USA and Canada. It is working for all customers since 2001, so it has many qualified specialists. Company has done thousands of orders for their clients and has more than four million downloads at the app store. If you are working with the PNN they can offer you options like:

  • Software development
  •  Outsourcing
  • Web applications development
  • Cloud applications development
  • Software supporting
  • Applications for wearable devices
  • Consulting
  • Creating corporate solutions

Company workers could help their customers to choose the right options to solve their problems or to make the right decision.  Specialists are working with Java, Microsoft, Linux, OSX, C++, Web 2.0 and many other operation systems and programing languages.

On the website of the company you can see detail information about recent projects and applications. Good example – mobile application for drivers where you can see all statistic about your recent trips (how much fuel you used, what distance you have covered).

To sum up all that we told before, we can say that software development in Ukraine is on very high level and every year it is getting better. Many people in our country are interested in IT sphere and understand how to achieve success in it.


Igor Grigorenko

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