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How to Develop a Successful Android Project

People who choose android instead of IOS say that it is a great pleasure to work with it. All applications are working fast and there are no extra details, which could intervene you from work.

With time, developers understand that they could create huge projects based on Android. They need just to understand what typical user want. Just give it to him and he will pay for it. However, creating a successful android project isn`t an easy process. You must have a clear-cut strategy for your project. If you want to have income from it, you need to know all basic principles and details of this sphere.

Visualize your idea. Make it real.

It`s an important part because your project will be created for other people who will use it. Every user want to have good application with many functions and tools, smart main menu and without paid updates.  You can get income from advertisements (today commercial is bringing a lot of money to the developers and it`s a fact).

When you will have a clear model of the project, you will understand where you will invest money.

Right technology for developer.

If you know how to develop Android apps, you won`t have any problems with this point. However, we must say a few words about it. The best choice for you will be Java Android. It`s easy in use and most of the Android applications are written on it. Many qualified developers recommended to use it. Of course, you should hire good developers to turn your project into reality. You must clearly understand what it will look like.

Project management. As important as a development process.

Good and perspective project must have organized project. You need to hire a good project manager. This person will organize the working process, manage with all tasks and handle unexpected problems (in some cases people are afraid of such problems. The project manager will have responsibility for all tasks, deals and missions that your team must perform while creating a successful android project.

Contact with your team. Make good relations.

If you won`t consider this point, something may go wrong during the process. All developers must do their tasks and help each other if something go wrong. This is very important because you want to have a positive result in the end. To achieve it you must do everything right.

Automated tests.

All your workers should perform automated tests to make sure that all parts of the application are working well. If something went wrong, you can always fix it before the official release.


Igor Grigorenko

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