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How to Deploy Django Application on Heroku?

When people start to work in programming sphere, they are facing some difficulties while studying theory. They could not understand strange worlds, long explanations and such things. And here we have one common question – how to deploy Django application on Heroku? What is Heroku? How we can combine them? What is going on? Here we will make a short explanation. You don`t need to search for long articles to find all answers. Just continue reading.


It is a cloud platform as a service (abbreviation PaaS). It supports several programming languages that is used as a web application deployment model. Heroku was founded in 2007 and today it can support PHP, Go, Java and other programming language.

Heroku has customized configuration, which is made in a different place outside the source code. Configuration is independent from the code.

Heroku has many different things that every user want to know, but we won`t stop at this point because we had other topic. We also won`t tell you about the Django, because it will a time wasting process. You can read many good articles about it. So, now we will ask on our question.

Deploy Django to Heroku. It sounds good. Now let us make it looking good. We must point out that Heroku web applications require a procfile that is used declare an application`s process types and entry points.

To make everything well and to configure Django on Heroku, you will need to use the Django-heroku package. If you have this package, it will automatically configure Django to work on Heroku platform.

With this easy move, you will be able to do many interesting things. For example, you can have connection to the database. It is very good because usually this information in coded in Django. Also you will have TestRunner and you will have an ability to configure “staticfiles” to “justwork”.

Of course, there are lots of other ways how you can deploy Django to Heroku. Nevertheless, we showed you the most optimal variant. It will work without problems or errors. You don`t need to waste time on typing codes and checking it for a few times. just follow our guide and everything will be fine. Good luck!


Igor Grigorenko

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