how to make software hipaa compliant

How to Build HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA contain principles and norms created to defend patient health info. Every organization or enterprise working with PHI must be sure about the complete safety of PHI and implement all possible measures to meet HIPAA requirements.

The creation of software for healthcare must always meet the strict requirements and restrictions set by both state regulators and medical organizations.

To comply the requirements of the HIPAA software, you must follow the four basic requirements of the HIPAA law.

Administrative guarantees are associated with the policies and procedures that you have. They exist to ensure proper management of employees, as well as training and supervision of employees who come into contact or manage protected medical information.

Technical guarantees include encryption and decryption, auditing controls, emergency access procedures, HIPAA file storage and much more.

Physical guarantees are data security guarantees. TrueVault and other hosting companies that support HIPAA cover this part of the warranty and include redundancy and data failure requirements, server access and much more.

Required functions for software compatible with HIPAA include:

  1. User authorization;
  2. Access control;
  3. Authorization control;
  4. Backup data;
  5. Recultivation plan;
  6. Emergency mode;
  7. Automatic logout.

Demands for HMS are the following:

  1. HMS should be complex for any healthcare professional.
  2. The user interface should be very informative and concise.
  3. The system shouls own a client access control based on the duties of the employees.
  4. The HMS should encompass a robust security system that encrypts the stored data.
  5. The software has to provide functionality for expanding or improving the automation of clinics.

TrueVault meets the requirements of technical and physical protection to comply with HIPAA. HIPAA-compliant hosting providers do not. Hosting your application or service in a HIPAA compatible environment does not match HIPAA-compliant.

Given the huge financial penalties for violating the principles of HIPAA, healthcare institutions are striving to implement IT systems that fully concert with the requirements of the Law. That’s why software developers need to be aware of the new government requirements in the healthcare industry. It is especially considerable for beginners. This knowledge will allow health care providers to obtain software compatible with HIPAA, and help IT outsourcing companies develop their business.


Igor Grigorenko

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