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How to Build a Website like Yelp?

People always want to have the best services and option in each sphere – from restaurant to the barbershop. However, they are facing difficulties while searching for such services. They couldn`t make the right inquiry or the data is obsolete (some web sites forget to renew the information).

Yelp is the escape from all problems you can have. Yelp is the site where you can find all needed services in the right area (you can choose the city and the system will do the job). People are happy with this service because it gave new information about all possible services in the area. There won`t be sentences like “Oh, probably this restaurant was built yesterday and they didn`t download in into the system”. So how can we make websites like Yelp?

Your site or application must be different from the original. You should include the feature that will distinguish your project from Yelp. There are many applications like Yelp, but each of them isn`t as popular as the original one.

Focus on details (make unusual descriptions for the places or include some interesting facts). You can make different interface with other colors. Try to entice away the user by adding some animations with the images of the restaurants or cafes.

Of course, this project must be moneymaking (if it won`t earn the money for you there is no sense in it). You can add some banners with commercial or make the paid subscription. It will give the subscriber the list of special abilities on your site. This is one of the key points about how to create an app like Yelp. However, if you know other profitable methods, it`s up to you. You can use all variants to get income.

The right start of your project is also very important. You must show the users all good sides of your application or web site. Remember that they are looking for something that will work like Yelp. It means that your project must have the same functions.

If you see that something went wrong, you should ask a qualified developer for help. Customer should adapt into the application as quickly as possible. He/she will see that your project is the way better that the other and leave a positive review. Soon, you will have a company of regular customers, who will give you a stable income.

There are many sites and applications that are same to yelp, so you should be smart while creating your own project. Make something unusual. Something that people have never seen before.


Igor Grigorenko

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