How Much it Cost to Hire an App Developer

There are quite good specialists in the market, but many of them are inexperienced, ignorant, and those for whom the main thing is the financial component.

There is one more nuance. The name of the author of the book is always on the cover, but to establish who actually developed a particular mobile application is not easy. Most professionals work as third-party developers because application owners rarely agree that the name of the actual creator is mentioned on the application page.

How much does it cost to hire an application developer? Let’s first observe what affects the price of services.

Choice of platform

If the target audience gives priority to Android, then it’s better to focus on such applications. There are also cross-platform solutions. But if you need an application with a 5-star rating, then it’s better to hire a developer of native applications. In general, it is better to hire an application development specialist for either iOS or Android.


One way to sort applicants is to compare the portfolio of mobile application development companies. Also, worth paying attention are reviews of their applications in the App Store. The developer profile should have links to online stores to download and try out their applications in action. If a potential candidate doesn’t have a developer account on the App Store or Google Play, then, most likely, he didn’t publish applications in online stores. And this is a significant minus.


Pay attention to the clients with whom the developer cooperated. Talk with representatives of these organizations, find out their opinion. Professional developers always, without hesitation, will show a list of applications that were created and developed in which they participated, will tell you about the technologies used.

Integration of Google Analytics and other services

Ask what programming language the developer is more comfortable with. How long does it take to add to the Google Analytics app, AdMob Banner, or Facebook Share Dialog? If the developer says that about a week or a month, then, most likely, he doesn’t have enough experience and knowledge in terms of integration. Usually, all this takes no more than 30-45 minutes.

If the developer meets all the above requirements, then he really is a specialist in his work. As the result, he won’t be cheap. If, however, all of the requirements specified by us are not fundamental to you, or if you don’t have enough funds, then you can skip a few points from this list. The price for the services of the developer will also be lower. You just have to choose the price that suits you and find the right employee.


Igor Grigorenko

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