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Every day thousands of people could visit the app store to find something special for them. They may need map guide, translator or just an interesting game to spend time while staying in the crowd. Moreover, no one of them did not even think about who are creating these applications for them.

This industry is getting bigger every year. Young people do not want to work in factories or industrial objects. They want to work with internet technologies because they are necessary for us today.

Why apps are important for us today?

We must have 24\7 internet connection to have access to information. We need good music player with comfortable interface and with minimum of advertisements. We need good app to communicate with our friends and relatives if we are far from home. Today every person work with information and must have good device to work with best applications.

Why people must learn about mobile applications?

People have huge amount of resources in the internet and of course, they need the best variant to work with. Only part of them knows what is better. Many creators are making copies of better applications. They put other title so it looks good. People download it but when they compare these apps with other, they see the result. The original program will work faster and smarter. At the same time, the copy will have many advertisements and could damage your system.

You need to know perfectly what you are going to download. For this, you can download an application from official store and read reviews from other users. You will know that other people didn`t have problems with it so you could stay calm. There are many situations when you download program and then realize that it is not what you need. You will waste your time for finding another program.

How people learn about mobile applications?

It could happen in different ways. Someone who are interested in this sphere could learn everything by himself or herself – there are many guides in the internet and everything is in free access. Many students who are studying computer technologies at universities are practicing in this way. Some of them are getting huge success especially in creating games because everybody wants to play the game.

However, there is part of people who want to know everything clearly about this sphere. Therefore, they choose this line in university where they will study it in-depth.

To sum up we can say that mobile applications meant more than we thought. They turn hard things into routine tasks. They help us to communicate with other people. They are making our life easies so we must know everything about them.


Igor Grigorenko

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