What’s Next? Google to take on our living rooms; The death of a phone call; AI Love, and more. October Newsletter

If yesterday’s Google event could be summed up in one sentence, it would be this: Google is going to take over our living rooms. The toolkit for Google’s advance into our homes includes new proprietary hardware: Google Home, Daydream VR Headset, Google Wifi and an updated version of Chromecast. And the highlight of the event? Surprisingly it wasn’t the Pixel phone, but instead Google Assistant, a voice-based user interface for Google products. With the new Assistant SDK, perhaps it’s time for tech entrepreneurs to seriously consider developing voice powered user experiences.

Read on for our pick of some of the most important topics in tech likely to shape our world in the near future.

The Death Of The Phone Call

We don’t always notice when new technology changes the way we relate to each other. Take the phone call. Once as common as anything, it helped us to feel closer to family, friends, and relatives, while reducing the impact of long distances on personal relationships. So, when exactly did it happen that we stopped answering phone calls and started sending text messages instead, all the whilst getting increasingly disconnected from each other? Find out here.

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Why Newsprint is Still Alive, And What Should We Learn From It

Having heard the mantra about the death of print for at least 10 years, one could reasonably expect to only find newspapers in museums today. But, somehow our love of newsprint has remained alive and well. And although the era of the newspaper could end along with the baby-boomer generation, the future media must not ignore the engaging simplicity of newsprint. Here is why.

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Is Making Love To An AI Robot Complete Lunacy, Or The Next Big Thing?

Irrespective of how you consume your news in the future, it is likely that your intimate relationships will be disrupted by technology as well. But don’t get too excited, because no matter how hot an AI robot may look, it’s unlikely that it will ever truly love you. Here is what to expect.

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Romanian Air Powered Lego Car, Jet Propelled Bicycle, And A Spaceship

Energy and innovation are often contentious issues, biased by our own conception of how one field relates to the other. The former we still mostly associate with fossil fuels, whilst the latter is generally considered to be an expensive undertaking. Well, a young innovator from rural Romania wants to challenge your mind about what it means to innovate. His inventions prove that anyone and anywhere can innovate. If they really want to. Get inspired.

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Historically Speaking, The Tesla Deaths Are Not Out Of The Norm

Cars crash. This has been the case since they were first invented, the same goes for other modes of transport and a variety of other manmade technologies. So it should come as no surprise that self-driving cars crash too. It’s only over the last few decades that we have come to value human life more than in the past. But does that mean that modern innovators will need to become more socially responsible? They better.

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The Robots Are Coming For Us: Westworld, Episode 1

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence may be entering our world as subtly and barely noticeably as phone calls were left behind. Pokemon Go and Google Assistant may be the start of it, but what future has in store may change what it means to be human on a more profound level. Westworld will give you an idea of what may be in store for us next.

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We wish you success with your innovations and please let us know about the profound changes you see on the horizon!

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