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Going Mobile: 5 Great Responsive Website Examples

Creating a responsive web examples—where the arrangement changes found on the comer’s appliance, for easy reviewing across a range of platforms—used to seem like extra-credit project work. Only today, responsive web examples are quickly becoming the norm. As people continue to apply their smartphones and PC boards for more and more everyday tasks, sites that require extra rolling and resizing stick out such as a sore thumb.

To help inspire your own responsive website, herein are our five favorite responsive website examples from the past annum.


Digital retail agency LiveAreaLabs has a minimal and responsive web arrangement, which attractively mirrors the polished and trendy brand project work the agency does for fashion power houses.

Squarespace blog

Squarespace is a company dedicated to web examples, so it’s fitting that its own blog be a shining instance of innovative online publishing. Instead of overcrowding the space, each post is presented one at a time—almost like the page of a book—and navigation between the posts is easy and seamless.


Another travel site that understands the needs of professionals on the go, Trippeo makes business travel as easy as possible with its simple mobile interface—complete with price competition transparency and real-time flight information.

Gatwick Airport

It’s strange that so many airport websites suffer from less-than-intuitive designs when their main target audience—stressed travelers—is almost entirely dependent on smartphones or PC boards. Gatwick Airport stands out from the pack, doing its responsive web examples user-friendly on laptop computer browsers and, more importantly, smartphones.

20Jeans x DSTLD

I know I can’t be the only person who shops from my phone, and 20jeans x DSTLD must know so as well, looking at its responsive website arrangement. The denim shop’s site makes it easy to browse and, most importantly, purchase their products while out and about.


Igor Grigorenko

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