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Fundamental Rules of Outsourcing Embedded Software Projects

Software outsourcing refers to engineering services. It represents the implementation of software development projects, their support, testing and maintenance, carried out by a special team, separated by an external service provider. For the successful conduct of the project, the company that provides this type of outsourcing should have its own well-developed approach, which should be based on transparency of communication with the customer, openness, the existence of the stable teams consisting of highly skilled IT professionals, the desire for long-term cooperation, honest assessment, the possibility of scaling working groups and readiness for quick start of projects.

Like other types of outsourcing, software outsourcing provides profiled companies with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • access to modern technologies and new resources,
  • optimization of IT processes,
  • reduction of costs,
  • the definition of clear deadlines,
  • reliable forecasts.

In recent years, the outsourcing paradigm has shifted from simply cutting costs to mobilizing the necessary skills. In addition to their own experience and resources, more companies are looking for IT professionals and developers abroad. In today’s outsourcing market, the so-called third platform skills are most in demand – cloud and mobile development, large data and analytics, as well as development for IoT and automation of testing.

Specialists engaged in software outsourcing should have significant experience in organizing engineering dedicated teams and software development centers, as well as testing and further maintenance of products.

Cloud computing

Lack of resources and expertise is considered to be the main problem of the cloud, so cloud computing is one of the main trends in the outsourcing market, especially popular in the US, North and West Europe.

Development of mobile applications

Many Western companies are attracting third-party mobile application developers to save money and focus on their core competencies.

Large data and analytics

For many companies in various industries, including finance, manufacturing and healthcare, analyzing large data has become critically important.

Development for IoT

Organizations will increasingly invest in the Internet of things, which means that in the next years the volume of outsourcing in this sphere will increase significantly.

Test Automation

This is a reasonable way to reduce manual testing, eliminate the human factor and accelerate the process of testing web, mobile and desktop solutions of any scale.


Igor Grigorenko

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