Courses to learn mobile app development

As we told before, some people who want to study mobile application development in-depth choose this specialty at university. Each course is unusual and could have strong direction to work with one or two programs. Some courses could also give you general knowledge in all spheres, but then you will need to study some of them harder.

In majority, mobile applications are made for two basic software – IOS and Android. The main difference is that one application could be free for one software and paid for another.

If you are ready to study application development, you will have courses. It could be in university or you can do it online. In general, normal term is from five to twelve weeks. You will have basic knowledge in this sphere and then you will have to create a mobile application that will work on both software. On the other hand, it could be simple task to create a clone of popular application such as Instagram or Twitter. During the process, you will get help of great specialists around the world.

Of course, you can`t just go and start your education right now without preparing. Most of the courses below have special trials during one or two weeks. Then students take their test and if they have good points, they can start the course. If courses of mobile application development are based in university, they could require basic knowledge of programing and using computer programs. Without it you can`t have normal process of studying.

Most of the courses are paid. The price depends on duration of the course and, of course, on the quality of the education. If you are studying in status college or university, the price will start from two hundred dollars per course. If you are going to study this development for more than a year, it will be more expensive because of duration. Online courses will be cheaper than studying in university.

The most popular courses of studying mobile application development based at universities in Toronto, Maryland and university of Harvard. They have great lectures and professors who know how to prepare good students.


Igor Grigorenko

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