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Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Technology

Mobile development technologies are improving every day. Creators and designers try to make the working process simple and smart. People who will work with mobile applications and technologies need to do many actions in a short period to get a bigger amount of work. It`s important.

Smartphones become more than just an apparat for making calls and playing games. People could even work on it using different applications. Today office work is not so popular as it was before. We could have Internet connection everywhere and every time. You can sit in the park and make web design project on your smartphone or write the text if you are a copywriter. However, there are different kinds of mobile application development technologies. Users often don`t understand what to choose. It the article we will show the best technologies with its plusses and minuses.

First, let us talk about native applications. There are many good reasons why you should use them:

  • These applications are the fastest on the market. You can accomplish many different actions in a short period. It`s not a problem for them to reach sixty fps or even more. If you need such advantage in your applications, you need to use native.
  • All of your data will be saved from interruptions or other bad things.
  • If you expect on a normal price, you can easily choose native application. Of course, there are expensive examples for rich customers, but you will also have a good one.

Native applications

These applications are developed on the programming languages specific to an operation system (Android – Java, IOS – swift, Windows – Visual Studio). There are some positive and negative moments in using native applications:

  • If you are using intensive graphic application or playing games on your smartphone, you can use native applications. With then you will have the best settings and no problems in using.
  • There is unlimited customizations for this kind of applications. You can spend as much as you need for every app.
  • Applications, based on Android won`t work on IOS. This is a very important point for every user because he/she can forget about it.
  • You can`t share the code between Android and IOS applications.

It`s not a difficult choice for a typical user. You just need to decide what applications will be more common for you and what you can do with them.


Igor Grigorenko

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