Best Frameworks For Web Development in 2018

Best Frameworks For Web Development in 2018

In our world, web development is needed and wishful more than ever. Every day emerge different novations and new web development directions. In this paper, we’ll look at the preferences and drawbacks of the accessible frameworks in2018.


Angular is a JavaScript framework by Google that was appointed for doing dynamic web apps. Applying this framework, you’ll afford to evolve your front end based apps without the need to apply any other plugins or frameworks.

  • Applying patterns, you’ll afford to display info from model and controller
  • Angular maintains MVC (Model, View, and Controller) structure.

Here are websites that are built applying this framework: and Netflix.

Ruby on Rails

This framework for web development is constructed applying programming language Ruby. Here are sites that are written with Ruby: GitHub and Basecamp.

  • Appropriate for all biz branches. RoR is a versatile programming language. That does him appropriate for any branch of biz, whether it’s a site building platform or a project management .
  • Quick website development. RoR diminishes time on website development approximately 30–40%.
  • Ruby on Rails does it easily to alter the existent code or append features that you desire to your website. If your purpose is to ostend a framework for projects with long term, you require to select RoR.


Yii is an available web development framework. It is constructed in PHP5. Through pure arrangement and consumer interface. There are a lot of amazing tools that will assist you test and debug your application.

  • Yii doesn’t bring about objects and classes whiletheywon’t be needed. This ensures fast downloading without any retentions.
  • It’s dependable and safe as it applies OOP standards.

Here are websites that were built applying this framework: Tass and HumHub.


Django is available framework for web development in Python. It is maintains the MVC (Model View Template) architecture.

  • The basic purpose of this framework was to assist developers make an application as fastly as feasible.
  • If you’re acting with Django, you may be confident that you can make some errors cognated to safety.

In accordance with your advantages in programming languages, you may solve which framework will collide your necessities.


Igor Grigorenko

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