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Best Enterprise Mobile Development Companies in Europe

111 Minutes

111 Minutes is a 50+ web and mobile app studio located in Los Angeles, CA with an office in Dnipro, Ukraine. Their digital product team has been creating growth-oriented apps that users love since 2007.

111 Minutes developed a sports training app for iOS and Android to encourage athletic engagement in students. The client praised the team’s transparency, timeliness, and cost-efficiency.


With 50+ employees, Cleveroad specializes in mobile app development, UX design, and cloud-based solutions. Located in Ukraine, this agency builds solutions for most industries.

Cleveroad developed a guitar learning app for an entrepreneur in Romania. The app, which is for both Android and iOS, teaches people how to play the guitar. The client was pleased with Cleveroad and plans to hire them again if the app needs updates.


CodigoDelSur has helped nearly 200 US startups develop and design unique digital products. The team of 50+ mobile app and web developers is headquartered in Uruguay and brings skills in engagement, growth hacking, and monetization to the table.

An event planning firm needed CodigoDelSur to build them a clean and effective website. The agency helped with a lot of advancements including, design upgrades, and bug fixes. As a result, the website saw an increase in traffic and engagement.


Inloopx is a Microsoft partner, Google-certified developer, and an award-winning software agency recognized by Deloitte, Ernst&Young, Financial Times and others. Using the latest technologies, the firm craft product-centered web/mobile apps focusing on addictive UX designs. Inloopx is also a strong advocate for the new AR/VR age.

Team of 130+ collaborate across 8 offices in the U.S and Europe values candid communication and focuses on creating a great experience.


Ready4S is one of the highest rated mobile&web app developers in Europe and in the USA. 5 years experience in developing iOS, Android, React and Web apps made the company a great experts and reliable partner for both enterprises (for example Credit Agricole and Coca Cola) as well as for start-ups.

Droids on Roids

Droids on Roids is a Polish company that was founded in 2011. Their dedicated team of 50+ members specializes in mobile development for both iOS and Android, as well as web development and design.

Droids on Roids originally started working with a personal photo and video company that needed sophisticated software development. They started work on an iOS app and eventually delivered both an iOS and Android app.


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