Awards of the Best IT Outsourcing Companies: How to Be a Winner?

Awards of the Best IT Outsourcing Companies: How to Be a Winner?

In our society, finding a reliable partaker between IToutsourcing companies is an indispensable particle of prosperousproject issuance. The most acknowledged awards take into account such factorsas client links, industry presence, development, societalliability.

1) Popular branch awards of the best IT outsourcing companies. To assist you search the best IT outsourcing companies, we’vecompiled an enumerationof the trustworthy rewards which are amust-have for your IT outsourcing partner:

  1. GlobalOutsourcing 100 (GO 100)

The GO 100 is the global IT outsourcing companies. It isproduced by Association of Outsourcing Professionals (AOP).

Years of presence: 12

Participation: Global

To apply for the award, a participant necessities to ensure asynopsis depictiing a company (about 200 words) and fill in theapplication form.

  1. GSA UK Awards

GSA UK Awards is the yearly enumeration which admits theleading IT outsourcing companies for the sourcing perfection.

Years of presence: 9

Participation: UK-based companies.

  1. IT EuropaAward

IT Europa’s European IT Software Perfection Awards admits thepractices implemented in customer resolutions by SystemsIntegrators across Europe.

Years of presence: 9

Participation: Europe

If a company wants to apply for the award, they need todescribe in detail the key design objectives, usage of bestpractices to achieve them, and final value brought to a client.

  1. Clutch

It is momentous that an IT outsourcing company possess Clutchprofile and rating. Those rating are on the basis of directcustomers links and interviews andindicate reliability of avendor.  To ensure associations with a enumeration of the servicepurveyors, Clutch leverages the leaders’ matrix. Furthermore, it reinforces employer reputation and helps tofind qualified and experienced specialists for projects in varioustechnologyand industry domains.  N-iX is one of co-founders of Lviv IT Cluster and contributes toits activities. Lviv IT Cluster is a community of majorassociations,which altogether withuniversities and localauthorities take combined effort to help the growth of IT branchin the country. The key organization’s purpose is titledUkrainian IT branch, facilitate it at universities, conductresearches of the IT market, represent the land in internationalIT meetings.


Finding an IT outsourcing company which encounters needs andhas a completely understanding of business strategics is acomplex task. Industry recognition is one of important criteriawhich can help you to opt between IT outsourcing companies. Itencompasses such parameters as IT prizes,membership, contribution to the growth of IT commonalty, compliance withquality control.


Igor Grigorenko

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