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A Consumer’s Guide to Open Source ERP Software

Very often businesspersons tried to make everything to harmonise and streamline their operations. When they want to do this, they often look EPR system and software, which is associated with the system. However, sometimes they don`t even know how hard, boring and expensive it could be.

Free ERP software isn`t easy in use, so we prepared special consumer`s guide. We will tell you everything about ERP, how it works and how you could use it for your tasks.

ERP software stands for enterprise resource planning. Its main task is to manage business processes like purchasing, selling, controlling the sales and accounting. The software is fully independent and was created only to control business processes. It has huge database full of different information about current company that is using it, its workers, all financials and statistics.

However, when SaaS technology was used with ERP system, the software was able to use for small businesses. It works the same way as the default ERP, but the number of functions was cut down. It could be a huge benefit for small companies because now they will have all benefits and advantages of their bigger colleagues.

We have talked about the basic ERP principles. Now we should give some examples. When you will see the current example, you will understand everything clear.

Odoo.  An ERP open-sourced software, which is also aimed with IT teams.

Gincore. Cloud-based accounting software that caters specifically to computer or telephone service centers and repair shops.

Now – about the reason. Why typical consumer should use open source ERP software?

Your business will grow up immediately. With this system, you will have advantage in every business sphere (selling, accounting or even marketing). With ERP you don`t need to worry about everyday tasks. The software is manage to do all of them. Everyday reports? It`s not a problem. Software will do the job.

With EPR, you can pay a lower price for different operations.

An important point – security. Your data is now safe from the hackers, cyber-attacks and other typical problems. Each company, which use ERP, have its own admin. This person controls the system. He/she could lock all data if there is a slightly possibility of hazard. Admin will also control the worker`s access to the system. He could de-activate it if needed or re-activate.

As you see, with ERP you will improve your business in all aspects. There is a real need for all businesspersons to use this software now.


Igor Grigorenko

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