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A 7-Step Guide to Choosing a Virtual Phone System

Before we start our explanation, we must say what virtual phone system is. It is a special platform. Its main task is communication between businesspersons with all needed functions (fax, text messages, audio and video calls). You need just to install this system into your phone (smartphone) and use it. There is no need of buying another phone for it.

Now let us go to the guide. We will tell you about an easy way for choosing a virtual system. It will be described it seven simple steps.


We don`t think that you need a difficult system with lots of details and tools. The typical businessperson needs such system to perform complex moves and operations as easy as possible. It is the key to success. We understand that there could be beginners so we would recommend you a system called Grasshopper. It has simple interface and good features for all commands. With another system called RingCentral, you will have an ability to use different features using easy design.

Automated call Distribution

Very often service-orienteered companies require an ability of telephone support. The best virtual phone system must have this point, because the speed is very important here. Some company workers can understand us when they are sitting for hours and wait for the next call. It`s so annoying.

With Automated call Distribution system, people could perform their calls as quickly as possible. For today, it is the most common system with such options.

The option to hold many calls

It is hard for the company to hold many telephone calls in one time. It could make the system unstable and soon the system could crash. To avoid this thing you should purchase and additional hardware to your system (the most popular systems are PBX or IP PBX). Of course, you will need some time to reconfigure the system if needed.

Price and investigations

Before starting a project, you must plan a budget for a few years. Some of the popular systems are unusable because of the prices (you must pay a lot for hardware, licensing, reconfiguration and other things). There is no ideal virtual phone system for everyone, so you should analyze all pros and cons and decide what should you use.

Internet connection

This point is basic while working with such systems. When you will choose a place for the office, you must look for the good Internet provider. If you will have bad connection, there could be some troubles while working.


Your company workers should adapt to the new virtual system as quick as possible. They may understand the principles of each system.

Have a consultation with professional

If you don`t know something or have difficulties with the system, you can always ask about it. The best people in this sphere can help you. Just ask them.


Igor Grigorenko

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