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5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Clientele

The clue to prosperous operations is the use of steep tools and software to operate and automate as many business areas as possible. These tools allow you to focus on the needs of each customer.

  1. File storage: Google Drive and File Stream

Exist several ways to manage files within the company, but the priorities for any company should be easily accessible, safe and simple file synchronization settings.

With the help of Google Drive, agencies can rely on a cloud-based file storage method. Google Drive allows employees to synchronize files stored on different machines through the Google Drive file stream.

  1. CRM: Podio

you should look for an implementation of the crm-system, which offers the following functions:

to store and maintain accurate customer information;

to track and operate customer communication;

tracking billing info, operating billing and billing;

the opportunity for people through the agency to view up-to-date info about the client and information related to specific client projects.

  1. Project Management: Basecamp

Basecamp is a remarkable project management tool that makes cooperation really facile both within the country and with customers. Basecamp rotates around several simple functions:

  • To-do lists
  • File Sharing
  • Communication
  • Bulletin board
  • Planning

Exploiting Basecamp gives you full transparency, ability to work away from e-mail and in visible workspaces, to which clients can be attached. In this case, there can exist a clear separation between the “agent side” and the “client side” in Basecamp, which ensures seamless, but secure communication, which is visible to managers.

  1. Resource planning: Podio & HighCharts

Knowing the potential of your workforce is at the heart of project management and allows the sales team to successfully attract new customers.

In addition to the visibility of projects and associated hours of pay, it is crucial that the owners of firms understand:

Employees use individual, teams and departments

Non-paid hours spent on client projects (surcharge)

Insolvent hours introduced in the pre-sale activity and conversion rate of this activity

  1. Customer Reports: Google Sheets and Data Studio

Google sheets are exploiting for all client reports by connecting them to retrieve and display the data of the Google Analytics client.

This solution will save you time on manual reports, allowing you to customize the analytics toolbars for each customer, giving them a quick overview of their performance at any time, which is automatically updated every month.


Igor Grigorenko

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