5 Tools For Managing Your Business Cash Flow

5 Tools For Managing Your Business Cash Flow

Avoid cash gaps, pay taxes on time and pay to creditors, suppliers and staff if you create an effective system of planning and monitoring of cash flow. Most companies need just a few tables in Excel for this.

But really successful companies use other tools.

  1. Free templates for projecting cash flows.

You can make your own analysis of cash flows using a simple method. You can download one of the many free cash flow forecasting templates. As such a template, you can use Google Docs, which offer templates that you can share and edit with other members of your account. You can also search for cash flow tools using the list of Google Docs templates to find the most suitable option for you.

  1. A report in the forecast of cash flows QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Intuit has the function of predicting cash flows thanks to its popular accounting tools. Thanks to the program, you can count receivable accounts, bank balances and ledgers to get a more accurate model of cash flow. After you have created the report, you can divide the scores by clicking links and changing the date ranges.

  1. Online tools for tracking costs and budget planning.

The software automatically generates a budget based on the unloaded bank statements, which can then be edited according to your needs. You need a budget estimate, how much money you should expect, and how much you may need at your fingertips to cover your expenses.

  1. Software simulation of cash flow Pulse.

Pulse is a special web application with cash flows that allows you to view your company’s cash flow online without limits. It allows you to enter financial information manually or from a spreadsheet to create a cash flow model. You can view it once a day, a week or a month. It has a number of graphics cards to visualize how money moves and leaves your business.

Pulse also has collaboration functions. Several users can edit or view the cash flow, and add notes to the income and expenses. Pulse is convenient to use to exchange information with the team or with consultants.

  1. Master PlanGuru.

The application can simulate financial forecasts for up to 10 years, and also automatically manages profit and balance reports of the company in Excel or QuickBooks files and other formats. The program is suitable for predicting almost any hypothetical situation in business.


Igor Grigorenko

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