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12 Great Examples Of Apps Written with React Native

At the moment, we do not imagine our lives without the apps we use every day. Some of them are known to the whole world, the others, on the contrary, are unknown. But only a few people thought about exactly how and with what programs they were created.

React Native is a JS-framework for creating natively displayed iOS and Android applications. It is based on the JS React library, developed in Facebook, designed to create user interfaces. But instead of browsers, it is targeted at mobile platforms. In other words, if you are a web developer, you can use React Native to write clean, fast mobile applications, without leaving the comfort of the familiar framework and the unified JavaScript code base.

Let’s look at 12 apps developed with the help of React Native.

It’s the largest social network in the world. The developers used React Native to support iOS. But now it also supports the Android. The Javascript framework stunningly handles the difference in data.

Absolutely free application for transferring photos and videos between users of the social network. The team started from the Push Notification view which was basically implemented as the WebView.

  1. SoundCloud Pulse

An app that provides people with music and gives an opportunity to share tracks with their friends. Developers made a decision to choose a React Native-based application and not a native one.

  1. Bloomberg

This is one of the world’s largest agencies of financial and economic news, providing summaries that both individual businessmen and entire companies need. The team created the app with the React Native app technology, the primary tool that delivers on the promise of cross-platform native app development.

Huge retail network. The largest in the US, and even in the whole world. The network includes both small shops and huge supermarkets scattered all over the country. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. exist outside the United States. The technology was used for simultaneous updation of the app for cross-platforms. A few years later they also revised their mobile app into React Native.

Helps to rent accommodation from individuals around the world. An online resource that helps to rent accommodation from individuals around the world. A lot of people are working on React technology on daily basis in their development team.

Gyroscope will analyze all the important indicators, such as the pulse, the number of steps, your sleep, the places you visit. Then systematizes them, and the next day will summarize and notify you.

It’s a guide that helps tourists to cooperate with local residents and learn more about local places. JavaScript interactions with the native environment. This means the app will have faster and smooth load times than a typical hybrid app, and a smoother feel.

  1. Discovery VR.

The UI of the app exploits the React Native and offers seamless VR experience to the users.

React Native delivers the speed and agility of web app development to the hybrid space – with native results.

It’s an example of how React Native can help in cross-platform app development.

As the team has worked with React before, developing the app using React Native came out to be a smart and successful solution.


Igor Grigorenko

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