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11 Sublime Text Plugins Not Only For Newbies

How of then do you use text plugins? If you are reading this text, you probably have good knowledge in this sphere. Every good web designer works with different types of scripts a lot. If you are in one of these two categories, it will be interesting for you to know more.

Sublime text plugins will improve your workflow and make your working process more productive. With them you will be able to do make difficult process faster and without any problems.


This plugin is on the top of many ratings. It is so useful for you to work with JavaScript files. But to work with this text plugin in JavaScript you should set up all default settings.

SideBar Enchantment

This is unusual plugin because you can use in not only for Java. With it you can have many different options for your files. For exampl e, you can use options like “open with” or “move to trash”. With sublime text plugins like this, you can easily manipulate your project files.


This plugin is very popular between developers. They like to use it because of one thing – they can maintain their sanity, add cutter icons and color coding to the main bracket.

Boxy Theme

It`s unusual text plugins. It has good optimization and many different functions, but here, in sublime text 3 plugins you are able to change file icons in the sidebar. This is a good bonus to this plugin, because other sublime plugins can`t do that.


Another example of smart text plugin, which is used by many PC users. It will be very comfortable even for people who don`t have experience in this sphere.

There are more good sublime plugins, but we will stop at this point. While working with such programs, people can also use sublime text packages. Packages are a collection of resource files, which are used by different sublime text plugins (it could be any plugin that was mentioned before or other plugin).

Usually, there are two default packages: “default” and “user”. The package “default” always goes first. You need to order a package when you will merge files between packages.

If you are a rookie in this sphere and you don`t know something, don`t worry. There are many different sites with special guides for every single text plugin. You can also read how to install sublime text packages.

Sublime text 3 plugins will always be in demand because with them your work will be much easier. You can optimize the working process and change your projects while working with JavaScript.


Igor Grigorenko

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