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10 RoR Books You Must Have on Your Bookshelf

Good software developer always tries to improve his skills. However, it`s not only hours of practice. It`s also a theory. You can`t have normal practice without knowing basic rules and instructions. It`s like at school – without knowledge you can`t answer the question.

As you can understand, here we will talk about ruby books. You will see that they have many useful information for all developers and users. Even if you have a ten-year experience in such sphere, new knowledge will only improve your skills.

Clean Ruby

A book about Ruby on Rails written by an author Jim Gay. This book will teach you how to keep your code manageable and how not to write a single line. You will read about some features and understand how to save your time from doing unneeded tasks. The book is made like a one big guide for developers (especially for intermediate-level developers). You can buy it from the author on the site.

Ruby Science

Second book, which is made like a guide. However, it is more for the beginners who will make their first steps in this sphere. If you are still thinking about buying it or not, we can say that you will have free application guide.

Confident Ruby

Good ruby on rails book written by Avdi Grimm. With it, you will start thinking in a global way instead of making small codes one by one. The whole book has step-by-step guide. It will help you to feel more confident while working.

The well-grounded Rubyst

Very informational tutorial written by David A. Black. With this book, you will go through an uneasy way from the beginner to a qualified developer. As it was mentioned in the name of the book, you will be a well-grounded Rubyst. This ruby book is available for you at Amazon. You can go and order it now.

Learn Ruby The Hard Way

If you are a beginner, this book is for you. There you will find basic information about working with code.

Why`s Poignant Guide to Ruby

Simple and smart guide for the users to learn the programing language. Written with a bit of humor, this book will make your education process much easier.

These are the main books for the developers who want to work with the Ruby on Rails. You can also read such good books like Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec, Refactoring Ruby Edition and Agile Web Development with Rails 4. All books are available and if you want to read them, you can search for them on different sites or ask for them in the local shops.


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