10 Best Web Development Tutorials For Beginners

10 Best Web Development Tutorials For Beginners


An interactive online platform for teaching 12 programming languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, etc., as well as working with the jQuery library and the markup and HTML and CSS web pages.

Learning streaming service offers unique tutorials for learning programming. Lessons are interactive, in real time you see the writing of the project and you can communicate with the teacher in the chat, also stream records are available.


A service for learning programming, namely Full-stack development in JavaScript. The training is built on the principle of self-education from simple to complex. First, a foundation is given, and then they give a task that goes beyond what has been studied and it is necessary to solve it independently.

This site provides programming exercises, in particular, to C #, C ++, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, Objective-C, Perl 5, Python, Ruby and Scala. The idea is simple:

  1. You download the exercise in the language of your choice (mentioned above) with the client application
  2. Add the solution to the site.
  3. Programmers from around the world will comment on what you have done.
  4. You improve your code.


The following categories are available on the site: IT Ops, Software Development, Data Professional, Architecture and Construction, Manufacturing and Design, Business Professional, Information and Cyber ​​Security.


Video lectures in English with subtitles in combination with built-in tests and subsequent homework, based on the model “learn by doing.” Each lecture includes a built-in test to help students understand the proposed concepts and ideas. Nanodegree Plus programs are also available.

Code School

Code School uses screencasts and video tutorials for teaching about HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, iOS, Git and other languages ​​for training, submitting material through interesting stories. Most of the content is designed for advanced programmers, but for beginners, there are free courses on the basics of programming.


Udemy offers a large number of courses in such applied areas as design, programming, and web development.


Treehouse has over 600 video tutorials (on web design, web development and development under iOS) that can be viewed at a monthly fee. is a paid online training service mainly in the direction of IT and design. Lynda works by subscription. Although some of the courses are available free of charge, the main share is available only after subscribing, starting at $ 19/month. After payment, the user receives unlimited access to any courses in the Lynda database. To get acquainted with the functionality of Lynda, we offer a 10-day trial version, with full access to the entire library.


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