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10 Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners in 2018

  1. Dmitry Kirsanov “Web design”

It explains in detail the basic technical terms that a beginner designer should know, outlines the basics of working with fonts, colors, shapes and textures.

  1. Steve Krug “Web Design: Do Not Make Me Think”

The popularity of this web design of the book is determined not only by the interesting manner of presentation of the material, but also by the huge amount of useful information for designers, programmers, webmasters, managers and marketers.

  1. Tim Kadlec “Adaptive design. We make sites for any devices”

The basic principles of working with adaptive design were laid out in his book by Tim Kadlec. You definitely need to read this book at least superficially.

  1. Johannes Itten. “The Art of Color”

The author of this book, like no one else, knows how to work with color. Since colors in web design are very important, you definitely need to look through the pages of this book.

  1. James R. Craig, Irina Skala “Font and design. Modern typography”

The authors of this book described the basics of modern typography, which will be useful to both web designers and webmasters.

  1. Heather Bradley “Design Funny: A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Humor”

You will find not only a lot of useful advice from a practicing specialist in the field of design, but also a lot of funny jokes and sources of inspiration. The advantage of this web design is a book in a simple manner, many interesting historical facts and beautiful visual design.

  1. Aaron Walter “Emotional Web Design”

The book contains many successful examples of emotional website design, so it is worthwhile to familiarize it with beginners (and not only) webmasters.

  1. Steve Krug “How to make the site convenient”

This author writes an excellent web design books for beginners, so in the compilation came in just two of his work. In this book, the author, in his humorous manner, describes the stages of website development, and also talks about how to make Web resources as simple and user-friendly as possible.

  1. Susan Weinschenk “100 Principles of Design”

In the book the author tells about how design affects the emotions and behavior of people, forcing them to make certain decisions. Perhaps for a webmaster, this is even more important than a thorough knowledge of color theory or typography. You will learn how to create a design that will attract people’s attention.

  1. Ethan Marcott “Responsive web design”

This book is also devoted to the issues of site adaptability and usability. In the book, Markott described the most common mistakes that site creators make and how to avoid them.


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