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10 Augmented Reality Applications To Watch In 2018

Do you know what augmented reality is? This is very different world, where we can go every time we want to relax or to have different feelings. The first thing that augmented reality apps is associated with – games. Everyone love them – kids, teens and even adults. There you can feel yourself more confident than in real world. You have strength, agility, power and even magic. You can crush enemies and win the battles.

However, time is running so quickly and the progress is doing the job. Today, in 2018, people are still searching for new applications for computers and smartphones. Here we will show 10 augmented reality applications that you must see this year.

AR Dragon

You`ve always wanted a home pet, but parents have different opinion? It doesn`t matter because you can have a little dragon here! It`s only yours, so you must feed him, wash and keep away from danger. Everything is like in real life, but you are doing everything in the application.


Remember how often parents told you that it`s important to learn new languages? Now you probably understand it, so this app is for you. Don`t spend money on books, dictionaries or tutors. Everything is so simple. With MondlyAR, you can have interactive lessons of learning language. Forget about the routine and try it now.

Spacecraft 3D

Probably the best example of how far progress could go. With this application, you can become a part of NASA. You can explore the galaxy, find many interesting information about our planet and whole solar system. Young people want to have knowledge in all spheres, and Spacecraft 3D could help you here.

Anatomy 4D

Here we have the same situation as with previous example. If you are interested in anatomy and want to know everything in this sphere, this mobile application is the best variant. You will know all secrets of our body and how it works. There is no need of buying large books or going to the library. Just download the application and have fun.

Eye Maps

Smart and simple application, which will make your life easier. You can create a 3D model of an area and put some marks there.

Dino On My Desk AR

With this application, you will be able to go into the past and learn many interesting information about dinosaurs, its world and nature. You will see the real dinosaur just in your table.

Here are best six augmented reality examples for you in 2018. You could choose other four positions for yourself because we can continue our top for a long-long time. It still could be Google Translator, EmotionsAR, AR-Animals and SkyView.


Igor Grigorenko

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