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Where To Source A Remote Tech Team: What A Start-Up CEO Has To Consider

When starting up a brand new business which requires a team of top software developers, hiring the right remote employees is a major challenge for a CEO. Even with experience in recruitment and/or the field of software engineering, managers have to balance a number of conflicting requirements and overcome complex new problems. It can take …

YouTeam 7 March 2017
Talent Management in a Remote Team: Challenges in 2017

You may choose to take your outsourcing to the next level and actually have your software developers, UX designers, or other staff working remotely, rather than physically bringing them in to work alongside your other employees in a single workspace. There are various benefits to this, including lower costs for you and greater flexibility for your …

YouTeam 15 February 2017
Hiring a Dedicated Development Team vs. Freelancers

For businesses looking to hire remote software developers to work on a project, the temptation is often there to look at freelancers. To some extent, this is seen as the faster and easier route. The alternative, to hire a dedicated development team for your software, app or web platform, can be a daunting task for …

YouTeam 3 January 2017
Top Skills Start-up Founders Expect From Developers

Starting a new business is always going to involve many complex challenges, especially within a competitive field such as digital product and application development. One of the most crucial contributing factors to success in this area is having access to the best available talent, and providing a great business model and work environment to attract …

YouTeam 12 December 2016
How we maximised the value of attending Web Summit by running dozens usability testing sessions!

Having an ALPHA Startup stand kept all of YouTEAM busy throughout the third day of Web Summit 2016. Startups are only allowed to have a stand for one day of the conference, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of our time the other two days! In this blog post, we’d like to …

YouTeam 28 November 2016
YouTeam allows you to hire top software engineers directly from tech companies

And… drumroll. At Web Summit 2016 the web platform we will be a curated marketplace to remove the hassle and delay from the process of hiring remote software. The great news is that though we will be officially presenting at ALPHA Startup exhibition this week – the site will go live soon thereafter! But we …

YouTeam 7 November 2016
The Internet of Things – is it living up to the hype yet?

It’s amazing to think that you can now hire top software engineers and developers whose jobs didn’t exist just a few years ago, to work on projects that seemed like science fiction until recently. For example, mobile app development companies were a distant possibility just 10 years ago, and today this is a huge part …

YouTeam 4 November 2016
When it makes sense to hire Small Software Development Companies

These days there are a huge number of software development companies offering their services under a variety of terms & conditions. As a savvy startup founder, you need to be aware of this and understand that a side effect of having more choice is the difficulty in ultimately deciding which vendor(s) to partner with. So …

YouTeam 31 October 2016
What’s Next? Google to take on our living rooms; The death of a phone call; AI Love, and more. October Newsletter

If yesterday’s Google event could be summed up in one sentence, it would be this: Google is going to take over our living rooms. The toolkit for Google’s advance into our homes includes new proprietary hardware: Google Home, Daydream VR Headset, Google Wifi and an updated version of Chromecast. And the highlight of the event? …

Andri Grushetsky
Andri Grushetsky 19 October 2016
Tips and best practices for mobile application development

Mobile apps were a potential goldmine from the beginning, but it was hard to see where they would integrate with everyday life as little as 10 years ago. Now, things have rapidly changed to the point that mobile apps dominate multiple markets, some of which barely existed a decade ago. This means app development can …

YouTeam 5 October 2016



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