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Announcing the Startup Initiative launch!

We’re pleased to announce that YouTeam’s Startup Initiative has been launched! This initiative has been designed to assist founders who having successfully validated their MVP are now shifting into development mode and therefore, considering different outsourcing options.   Why join the YouTeam Startup Initiative? Having been founders of product companies and having graduated from accelerator …

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia 25 July 2017
Startup Grind picks TOP-25 companies of the 2017 Europe Conference

Among them are FinTech, Smart House, Marketplaces, Development tools, Search platforms and many other kinds of companies. Startup Grind hosted an action packed event for 1500 global founders at its annual Europe Conference held on the 14th June at the historic Central Westminster Hall in London, UK. It was a day of non-stop content from …

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia 22 June 2017
Preparing for a Successful Software Innovation Project – for non-Tech, non-Product Corporate Executives

Having discussed the main challenges non-IT corporates may experience taking on a new software development project, let’s now turn our attention to some suggestions how to improve and optimise this process.   Software ≭ Other forms of Engineering Software development has almost nothing in common with other types of engineering like buildings or infrastructure. Software …

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia 30 May 2017
Why YouTeam Is Attending 3 Tech Conferences in Less Than 30 days

It’s all about community – like-minded people who share similar visions and inspire each other to set new challenges for their startups and to be part of that tribe. This is something common for all tech events but especially TNW and Startup Grind conferences, which both share the belief in making friends, not just contacts. …

Yuliana Oselska
Yuliana Oselska 18 May 2017
The Freakonomics of IT Outsourcing: Is it really more cost effective than hiring in-house staff?

Back in 2014 Toptal’s VP of User Engagement Hyam Singer challenged the notion that in-house developers were always more cost effective than contractors, who on the surface charge higher hourly rates. Hyam did this by unearthing all the hidden costs & overheads associated with employing in-house staff by providing a thorough, consistent and well-supported calculator …

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia 15 May 2017
Interview Questions Every CTO Has To Ask When Hiring A Remote Software Engineer

The process when you hire a remote software engineer to work on your projects can be difficult, especially if recruitment is not your primary area of expertise. However, it is important for any CTO to be the driving force behind the recruitment process, otherwise the person selected for the role may not have the required …

YouTeam 3 May 2017
Playing with Fire: What stops non-IT corporates from innovating with software

It is no revelation that even most non-IT corporations are in the process of significant digitalisation, to the point that some are transitioning towards becoming quasi-software companies themselves. Types of software that non-IT corporates develop, include: –  Internal software to streamline operations; –  Software for their client as part of a larger consulting scope of …

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia 20 April 2017
How To Choose A Software Team That Will Support Your Startup In The Long Run

For new start-up businesses, software development will often present some major barriers to overcome. Successful development of digital products usually requires a cohesive and highly skilled team to be working together over a period of time. Unfortunately staff, time, money and a strong team dynamic are usually limited in the early days of any business. …

YouTeam 20 April 2017
April 2017 Product Update: New engineers’ profiles will be tested in San Francisco

We are super excited to announce the release of our extended developer profiles. You can now access the agency info and instantly view the project and industry experience of each engineer working for this agency! Selecting a new tech partner is becoming more transparent than ever before! #1 Agency info. This section includes not only …

Yuliana Oselska
Yuliana Oselska 5 April 2017
Where To Source A Remote Tech Team: What A Start-Up CEO Has To Consider

When starting up a brand new business which requires a team of top software developers, hiring the right remote employees is a major challenge for a CEO. Even with experience in recruitment and/or the field of software engineering, managers have to balance a number of conflicting requirements and overcome complex new problems. It can take …

YouTeam 7 March 2017



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