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Scrum or Kanban - we’re taking it off your plate

A good project manager requires constant contact with the team and attention to every detail. This can be extremely time consuming. YouTeam’s London or Amsterdam-based project manager oversees the work of your remote dedicated team on a daily basis so that you feel like the developers are sitting next to you in your office. Our proprietary agile project management services and methodology give you full control over the process at all stages of development and creates an environment of an intense founder-team interaction, while your involvement should never exceed 4 hours in a given week.

Scrum & Kanban are often referred to as being non-linear approaches to Project Management, which requires teams to work on an ever-changing, collaborative, virtual whiteboard(s) that gives managers the maximum amount of flexibility.

Within this framework each participant on a team can create a “card” for every major task, organise them into “lists”, and combine those lists into one or more master “boards”, accessible from their own shareable URL. This approach allows agile teams to easily and regularly re-prioritise project tasks every weekly kickoff, or daily stand-up.

Youteam will typically set up a Trello or JIRA board for each project under their management which have several lists based on the current state of each task/card. Trello also allows for seamless dialogue to take place between Designer, Developers, Tech Leads, Product Managers and Product Owners (you) on each of its tasks/cards.


Youteam and the Product Owner frequently review the project’s Product Backlog list (which constantly grows as we add new ideas), move the most urgent cards into the current sprint (for SCRUM) and assign designers and/or developers. Inevitably, some cards in the Product Backlog will become redundant and will be disregarded as part of a thoughtful grooming process, design to minimise wasted effort.

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